Black Books

The characters Bernard, Fran and Manny are just ...different. No, I won't call them freaks, because I love them - but I'm not sure if they would annoy me if I knew someone like them in real life. The first episode is just a masterpiece of British Comedy. No, British Humour doesn't describe it properly. To say that they are sarcastic, cynic is also not enough. Just watch it =D

Why they came to my mind - I had to got to the dentist today and I remebered The Little Book Of Calm. IT WORKS. Really. I didn't feel any ache at all. Just thought of Manny's scenes. I don't know if my expressions were a bit weird, maybe the dentist mistook it for fear, but I don't care. I'm happy. Maybe I'll eat an Orange.

Why did the DVD got an FSK 18? Mad.


  1. ja, aber heißt es, dass ich ne ES habe?
    ich wiege 71 kg. wer würde mir glauben,dass ich eine ES habe?
    sorry, ich denke nicht, dass ich eine habe und hoffe es nicht..
    cheer ♥

  2. Thanks for your comment : ) I `ll be visiting

  3. Ich bin zwar nich nicht so weit bis lang (S. 113), aber ich find's auch schon klasse! (:
    Man kann kaum aufhören mit dem Lesen.

  4. Never heard of it, but sounds like fun!

  5. I really love the guys, a very cool bookshop. And thank you for following my blog:)