Don't know, but is this blog mutating into some weird Youtube-Video-list? 
But to show you what really fascinates me so much recently, you have to watch this first, especially if you are not into Wing Tsun already:

Can you see it? How he stands upright, relaxed, using hardly any power, he feels the other guy, his actions, his moves, he is like the water and the wind. You can not hold or catch him if he moves this way. This really is great art. I want to learn this. This example here is very complex and advanced, of course, but tried some simple moves already yesterday and liked it!

I am so happy I've finally found THE art of fighting I seriously want to learn. For about years I did not know, which one to choose, as there are so freaking many different ones (and every single one demands, of course,  to be the best, the perfect way of fighting)...


  1. i am also fascinated with fight arts but i nedd to learn how to meditate first- as i think is an essensial part of all kinds. have a beautiful sunday : )

  2. Oh yeah, that is indeed important, you have to get to know the philosophy behind and you should totally be able to agree to it, otherwise you are not able to really feel and learn it by heart, body, and mind.

  3. Hey, meinst du? Ich tendiere irgendwie mehr zu dem dritten Kleid :D

    Danke für deine Meinung!

  4. Danke schön! :) Ich finde Wälder auch unheimlich toll.
    Ich mag Kampfsportarten, auch wenn Sport mich allgemein nicht mag und ich ergo nie eine lernen werde. :D Das Video ist aber wirklich beeindruchend und ich verstehe, wieso du Wing Tsun so toll findest.