La Belle Verte

La Belle Verte - The Green Beautiful - Besuch vom anderen Stern
Full view available on YouTube ♥

French language version with English subtitles

German language version

Mila, a woman from the green planet travels to earth because her mother was from there and she wants to find out something about her family. As the people on the green planet differs from the humankind on earth, because they have no machines, no poison, no industry, no money, no government, no poverty, they don't eat meat anymore, they feed on raw vegetables only and the communicate via telepathy, standing with their in water and their fingers in their ears, the arrival of Mila on Earth and her adventure has to end up comical. Sometimes you ask yourself, if Mila's the weirdo or people on earth. Mila changes the life of every person she meets in her own way. The motion picture mirrors society with great humour as it characterizes French comedy and does not annoy or preach in any way but makes you smile ♥


  1. kenn ich nicht :D klingt aber unterhaktsam :)

  2. Hört sich wirklich interessant an :)
    Der Flohmarkt-Eintrag ist auch schön, schöne Sachen ergattert! ;D
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    Ja, ich finde das die Farben dieses Jahr generell irgendwie bunter waren als sonst.. :)
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