fantabulous friday - Sense8

Hey hey, such layers of dust here, Margery would be thrilled!
Been thinking about blogging more regularly again for some time now and there are already several issues I want to write about, but of course there's one I have to begin with. 

 I wanted to create new feature in addition to music monday and Mittwochsmärchen, so here is fantabulous friday - where I write about things that impressed me, mostly reviews of books, games, series or films.

I'll start with the Netflix' series Sense8.

What is it about?
The sci-fi series from J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowskis is about eight strangers who after a death discover they are emotionally and mentally connected to each other and must work together to save humanity and themselves from an organization hunting them.
J. Michael Straczynski,
Andy Wachowski,
Lana Wachowski

Terrence Mann Mr. Whispers
Aml Ameen Capheus
Naveen Andrews Jonas Maliki
Freema Agyeman Amanita
Brian J. Smith Will Gorski
Tuppence Middleton Riley Blue
Doona Bae Sun Bak
Jamie Clayton Nomi Marks
Tena Desae Kala Dandekar
Max Riemelt Wolfgang Bogdanow
Miguel Angel Silvestre    Lito Rodriguez
Anupam Kher Sanyam Dandekar
Daryl Hannah Angel


Sounds weird? It's very weird. And absolutely brilliant!
There aren't many series that left me stunned like this one - Doctor WHO, Firefly and Battlestar Galactica are as epic, but that's a rare case, compared to many other series I watched one, maybe two episodes of and then, leave it be, bored or annoyed.

What do I like in this series? Sense8 bombards you with amazing imagery. I've never watched anything that makes you relate to the characters' feelings in an intense way like Sense8 does. As the eight characters connect and interact, the way the cameras catch that, you do, too. The way the perspectives melt into each other is outstanding. You sometimes seem to smell or bodily feel what the characters do, feel their despair, hope, love, hate, fury, humour - as the actors play their roles, and they do a fantastic job.

What nearly did make me dislike Sense8 in the beginning is the chaotic and, at the same time, rather slowly storytelling at the beginning. It also starts off mysterious. I'm not a big fan of mystery series/films, I never liked The Sixth Sense or even X Files much. But luckily, this changes very soon, as the characters show up, the story developes, too.

It's so tense in times you're surprised when the episode's over and you didn't notice the time that passed. It leaves you in tears as characters say things like Amanita to Nomi: "Impossibility is just a kiss away from reality" - sounding tacky? Naah, it's not, if you've watched the episode.

What are you waiting for? ^^

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