wtf ²

...missed music monday AGAIN & I'm not Old School o_O

You scored as ARTIST GOTH! You are Fabulous! Where do you get all that inspiration from!?! People think you are not really goth, but people put you in that little cage just because you look to different, if you ask my opinion, you are the most true goth of them all ;) If you know what I mean, you know the true meaning of goth.
Percentage: ArtistGoth 96%, FairyGoth 75%, VictorianGoth 63%, Old School Goth 58%, Vampire Goth 50%, Gothic Lolita 46%, Cybergoth 46%, FetishGoth 38%.   
Get your own test result here ^^

... but as I am not so Old School Goth, at least I am very Artsy, quite much Fairy AND Victorian. I think I can live with that. Will ignore the shameful 46% Cyber Goth xD

Won't translate nonsense chrchr.

Last but not least, some music for you. Das Pack!

Outstanding xDD

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  1. vielen dank, freut mich sehr, dass sie dir gefällt. :)

    btw, der hintergrund von deinem blog ist toll -wollt ich nur mal gesagt haben.

    liebe grüße, josi