music monday: Murray Gold

one of my favourite Doctor WHO Themes ♥

In case you like Doctor WHO, what's your favourite one? And which companion(s)? My favourite by far, the tenth, David Tennant (but I like Ecclestone and Smith, too). And Rose!

If you love Billie Piper and Matt Smith (co-starring) and the victorian era AND adventure movies, see also Sally Lockhart Mysteries (found no trailer without spoilers)


  1. toller Blog (:
    gefällt mir echt prima! <3
    Ich bin soofort Leser geworden! :*
    schau doch auch mal bei mir vorbei. c:
    lg -

  2. Hei Usako! its been a while... gosh! time just fly... love your flea market finds and your music mondays : )

    a lovely weekend to you

  3. hey:)
    danke für deinen rat -das mit den hefetabletten werd ich mal probieren. :)

    liebe grüße u. ein schönes we, josi

  4. hey, ich habe dich getagged.
    vielleicht magst du ja mitmachen?