Food is great!

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Okay, this was an overdose of so called Anamiablogs yesterday, don't know what made me read them. Maybe some sort of morbid fascination? But in the end it only pissed me off and I ran amok with commentating. I'm not proud of it, but I also didn't change my opinion. It's a serious desease, and reading such blogs is horrible, like listening to some cult rites. Starving yourself to death has no taste!

How could you call yourself "proud" to be ill with eating disorders? It has nothing to do with discipline, it's just SICK. And mad ugly. Nobody wants to be obese, fat, but there is a long gap from that to looking like a too thin twelve year old child, shaking, bad skin, health, loosing hair, breaking nails, vomiting all the time. It makes me angry just to think about it.

How can you encourage others to become like this? In teenage years, following others is much more important and affects you worse than in your earlier and later years. Yes, also the people pretending to been always so different and outstanding. Everyone want to be accepted in some way, not to be bullied and laughed at. It' s dangerous and irresponsible to led other people into an illness that could kill them but surely ruin several years of their life.

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