Mind the gap.

Dusty here. Yeah, DUST! 

 Behold.... some Wall of text unfortunately containing nothing but shit nonsense and snippets of sense might follow. 

 It's been a while, this hiatus lasted much longer than I'd have assumed. Now, let me tell you I just had been.... unavailable for months, because this blog is and was and will always be focused on interests & stuff only, not pouring out all of my heart's content into public. So, everything here developed a lot, things that had their start years or months ago changed, some increased, other bad things ended, new things followed.... which leads me to so many new and old ideas that have to be chased and to never be lost, again. So, facts for short, moved to a new, own flat with my daughter, finally! And an awesome, affordable, wonderful one.... with garden. Still I am so pleased. Also got a place for study at nursery school nearby which will begin on August this year. And even more greater things that are not fully certain, but promising. Weeee I am scared of being happy, that's it, instantly I think there MUST be something wrong. And of course, now, enough, filled the blanks, proceed to interesting stuff :) 

 See you tomorrow, for next music monday, which will be a huge feature this time, because I discovered and was recommended to so many new treasures :) till then, you may also search for "Rare Exports, Inc", "Rare Exports, Safety Instructions" & "Rare Exports, the film" if you'd like to see something really indescribable.

yours, ウサコ ♥

What's all this noise about, we have no trouble here?

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